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"Best Quality Drills were created, not because somebody needed drills but because the most perfect holes were needed.
Our reason for making the best quality Platen, is somewhat similar"
hand fed platens hand fed platen safety alert - HSE
The Platen is one of the popular creations, designed for Die Cutting, Scoring & Creasing of various articles like Paper, Linoleum, Cardboard, Corrugated Board, Wonder Board, Fiber Board, Cork, Leather, Plastic, Vinyl, PVC Material etc. The Platen is patronized for more than one reason.
Die Cutter with Hot Foiling Stamping System
"EVEREST" Brand Heavy Duty Cutting & Creasing Platens to the international taste and standard. We are in the line for the last more than 40 years and nobody can beat our experience to produce the "ZERO DEFECT" machines, which are not less than world-famous - brands from any angle/point of view.
This information sheet is aimed at all employers, supervisors and managers responsible for the safe operation of hand-fed platen presses. It specifically addresses the risks associated with whole-body access between the platens of larger machines and use of the dwell mode.

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