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Every effort has been made to ensure that SOND products meet the strictest safety standards

At SOND we are urging users of hand-fed platen - die cutting - machines to make themselves fully aware of the revised operating and safeguarding guidance in order to reduce the risk of serious crush injuries and even death.

Call for advice on how you may best safeguard against these risks on +91-183-2583636 now.

More on this imperative action can be found on the pdf below or by referring to the H.S.E. website:

The company recognises that if it is to achieve the objectives of its policy it requires the collaboration and co-operation of all its employees. Therefore, procedures for consulting employees are built into the policy.

Health, safety & welfare is regularly monitored and the effectiveness of the company policy and associated procedures are reviewed each year. Continuous improvement, amendments are made.

Detailed Health and Safety documentation is available on request.

All moving parts of 'EVEREST' Machines are protected by internationally desirable and approved Safety Guards. In addition, a specially designed Guard protects the operator from the Moving block. Should any object comes between the Moving Block and the Guard, a slight backward movement of the Guard will occur stopping the Moving Block immediately, switching off the starting mechanism. Until & unless the Guard is relocated, the Machine remains at a standstill and unaffected by any attempt to actuate it through the starting mechanism. The sensitive 'Safety Photo Sensor' and 'Knee Guard' come standard in EVEREST. These safety devices assure that users are kept out of harms' way.



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